SERVICES & support

ESMVA provides assistance and support to market vendors in a variety of areas including:

  • Automatic enrollment in ESMVA and its services;
  • Small business planning and services, per request;
  • Representative vendor advocacy in the community;
  • A dedicated Vendor Services Coordinator to implement services and provide support.
  • Dedicated vendor website. 


MARKETINg & promotions

Through our partners, ESMVA helps coordinate cohesive promotions and marketing activities, including:

  • Vendor stall design and signage assistance;
  • Digital and print advertising for the Market;
  • Public relations and coordinated advertising;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Special market promotions and customer awareness efforts designed to increase market visibility and drive foot traffic;
  • Facility enhancements and improvements.

PRogramming & EVENTS

Maintaining a strong customer base - both longstanding customers and new customers is key to the success of the market. ESMVA actively engages with our vendor community and community at large through efforts including: 

  • Monthly ESMVA meetings;
  • Preferred participation in community-sponsored events;
  • Collateral distribution and special promotions;
  • Customer contests and giveaways;
  • Partnerships, educational talks, and events with community organizations 
  • Annual block party.