Vendor/Operator FAQ

I saw a pest. Who do I contact about this?

Vendors are expected to comply with all procedures and preventative efforts implemented by NYCEDC with respect to their stalls and common areas. As per individual vendor permits, each tenant is responsible for their own pest control. Any further concerns about sanitation can be addressed to the market management.

I want to close my stall for a day, several days, etc. Who do I contact about this?

The NYCEDC Operations Manual policy allows vendors to close their stalls up to 10 days per year without penalty. Please note that you must notify NYCEDC in advance before closing your stall, and that no more than three stalls may be closed at any one time. You can notify NYCEDC and Market Management of a closure via email or telephone.

My SNAP reader is not working. What do I do?

SNAP readers are owned and operated by private processing companies. You can get in touch with the customer service department of your processor. Temporary manual vouchers are also available for download and print here.

I would like to teach a class/host an event in the teaching kitchen. How do I do this?

Contact Lauren Margolis. Lauren is the manager of Programming and Community Engagement and can help plan your next event in the demonstration kitchen.

I would like to get involved with the Board of Directors for the vendor association. Who do I contact?

You can reach the chair of the Vendor’s Association board of directors at for more information about joining.

I would like to change the appearance of my stall. Do I need to get approval from market management before I start?

Yes! NYCEDC must provide authorization for all work occurring on City- and NYCEDC-owned property.  Market management must receive a letter of intent before any alterations are made to a stall. Once NYCEDC completes its review, the Vendor will receive written approval permitting them to start work. Please see the Operations Manual for the necessary checklist.

I need a new menu/sign/business card. Who can help me with that?

Essex Street Market has a partnership with the Lower East Side BID. Their team of designers can help with design needs. Please contact Tiffany at and she can help coordinate with the design team.

I have an issue with another vendor in the market. Who can I talk to about this?

Market management can be reached at 212-312-3857 to help mediate issues.

A patron was injured in my stall. What should I do?

Please complete an Essex Market Incident Report located at the Security Desk.